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Kralman and Butler have been in business together since 1977.

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When your business needs more space, let us help you.  We offer a variety of commercial building designs.  They can accommodate virtually all of your needs.  Talk to our experienced professionals about your options.  Choose from steel and pole buildings.  Expect competitive rates.  Let us personalize your space and stay within your budget.

• Farm retail with attached storage

• Shop with large overhead door

• Feed store combo with dry storage

• Farm chemical and dry fertilizer receiving

• Winery

• Office space with warehouse


Talk to our team today.  We'll discuss the type of building you need.

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Our general contracting services include:

• Design and build

• Framing and finishing

• Concrete work

• Renovations

• Upgrading buildings

• One-on-one service

• Customized solutions

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For more than 40 years, we've worked closely with our clients to create spaces that meet their needs.  Design a building that meets your commercial shop or retail needs.  Choose from a variety of doors and windows.  We also offer applications of brick or block with conventional siding and roofing.

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Not All Steel Buildings Have To Look Like A Steel Building

Mannina Winery

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