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52151 Fruitvale Road

Milton-Freewater, Oregon


At Kralman Steel Structures, Inc. you'll find a large assortment of grain storage and handling buildings available.  Choose from grain bins, hopper bottoms and seed bins, as well as accessories.  Expect competitive rates and top-quality workmanship from us.

• Belt elevator system with tower

• Unloading using 25-degree unload

  to transport

• Belt elevator corn system

• 12" screw augers with high capacity


• Inclined high capacity augers with

  cone bottom concrete floors

• Basic storage with ladder, safety cage,

  and aeration system

Our Grain Bins Include:

We offer a large number of accessories to make your work easier.  Choose options such as aeration systems, bin sweeps, and a variety of loading-in and loading-out options with screw augers or belts.


Talk to us about your specific needs.  Let us customize a solution that meets your goals.

Talk To Us About Accessories

Our farm grain storage systems start with one bin or a large storage and belt elevator system with a tower, vibrating dump pit and scales.  Our hopper bottom and seed bins are a popular option for seed growers or farm operators who want to control seed quality and large purchases of select seed.  We offer pneumatic fill, vented eaves, inspection ports, and load-out augers.

Hopper Bottom And Seed Bins

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Specific Grain Storage And Handling Needs.  

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